using textures to see whats wrong with the sculpt.

long time no update, i was dealing with university app deadlines. After not working on this for a while i was able to see some problems that i have tried to address. I fixed/added:

  • A bump map generated from the zbrush sculpt.
  • A specular map, specifically for the lips.
  • some new eyebrows, eyelashes from fibermesh.
  • issues with the integration of the eyes with the head.

So i think iam nearing the end of this project. Iam just going to summarize how things went and the problems/mistakes and things should do in the next project i undertake.

Problems faced

  • i did not realise that a UV map with the head and body in one UV space was really bad! even with a 4k  map the area of the head is barely over 500×500. not good. I wont do this again. 
  • I always fall victim to this. I never gather enough reference before starting modeling/sculpting meaning things go off and look wrong quickly.
  • Scaling problems.I need to make sure things are to scale before starting. My base mesh wasnt and it proved quite the headache when doing the materials later on and a hassle because the subtools in zbrush were off.

update update2


So i decided to put in the eyes … well i mean superimpose them onto the sculpt and in doing so it has made the eyes sit too far forward, It will be fixed once i punch some holes into the sculpt and move things about. Although, I feel that adding in the eyes give a better perspective on the head as a whole. I think i will add the eyes earlier in the sculpting process on all of my future sculpts.