Mouth update (final)

So this will be the last post on the mouth since its pretty much done, as you can see ive completed the base mesh for the lower part. There are a few things i would do differently and they are:

  • When using dynamesh, keep teeth and gums seperate as it makes it really difficult and not worth the time retopologizing. I ended up having to sculpt it a second time.
  • Finish modeling before texturing… I have a habit of texturing and rendering before the model is complete, which ends up with a duplication of work. Although, i guess this isnt such a bad thing as its good to iterate at the early stages to see what works.

Things left to do (mouth):

  • Sculpt the gums
  • Remesh the gums and delete the cap to save polygons
  • Texture the top and bottom set of teeth and the gumsImage

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