hdr renders

Took out the old daylight system and added some hdr lighting.




So i decided to put in the eyes … well i mean superimpose them onto the sculpt and in doing so it has made the eyes sit too far forward, It will be fixed once i punch some holes into the sculpt and move things about. Although, I feel that adding in the eyes give a better perspective on the head as a whole. I think i will add the eyes earlier in the sculpting process on all of my future sculpts.


Mouth update (final)

So this will be the last post on the mouth since its pretty much done, as you can see ive completed the base mesh for the lower part. There are a few things i would do differently and they are:

  • When using dynamesh, keep teeth and gums seperate as it makes it really difficult and not worth the time retopologizing. I ended up having to sculpt it a second time.
  • Finish modeling before texturing… I have a habit of texturing and rendering before the model is complete, which ends up with a duplication of work. Although, i guess this isnt such a bad thing as its good to iterate at the early stages to see what works.

Things left to do (mouth):

  • Sculpt the gums
  • Remesh the gums and delete the cap to save polygons
  • Texture the top and bottom set of teeth and the gumsImage

mouth update

An update on the mouth. I was checking the internet on how to produce a wet like surface and came across this (http://www.neilblevins.com/cg_education/wet_materials/wet_materials.htm) website, which comes up with a way to fake the wetness. Using this technique, I added the coating layer for the teeth, gums and tongue using the shellac material.

The gums still need to be sculpted and properly textured, but the material itself looks pretty nice to me. I also added a gunk layer between the teeth and the gums. It needs a little tweeking, but it does help soften the intersection.



So ive seperated the teeth from the gums and ive textured most of the teeth with the exception of the back 3 teeth.

So far ive come across a few troublesome issues that i have yet to find a solution to:

  • How to texture the gums/tongue and the settings for the materials.
  • applying a wetness layer to the teeth and gums.
  • retopologizing the bottom set of teeth.

Progress so far:


Current state

So i started a model of the teeth using dynamesh, changed the lighting and also small things of the model. I will probably not work on the models for a few days so that i can get fresh eyes when i come back to work on it.Image


old renders

So this was an old render of a car i modeled during the start of the year . I did learn a few things one of which was gather a shit load of reference before you start. I didnt do this and i wasnt able to complete it because there were too many big errors which meant i would of had to tweak what i had worked on previous too much (that i initially thought was okay).



I am starting work on the hands…still alot to fix, but it is a start. I just realised the fingers are a little too short during the writing of this post. I modified the skin tone a little and the scattering around the face because i thought there was still too much going on. Also, I added a sphere encompassing the head to provide bounce light to get light into those nooks and crannies. hands_wiptest2






So with the previous post i realised that there was too much scatter going on in the skin and so i put in a temp texture to help get the skin shader working properly. I think this will also help with getting more likeness.

Again…slow progress on the sculpt, but i think iam getting closer. For those who dont know my reference is a Korean singer named Suzy.